Melatonin North Palm Beach

“Use of melatonin in elderly patients with insomnia demonstrated improvement in sleep quality. This study is consistent with other studies.” Patient Care 2000 June:34-38.

“In this study patients were successfully weaned from benzodiazepines (valium), with the sleep regulating hormone melatonin: Melatonin was not associated with adverse effects or tolerance.” Archive of Internal Medicine; 1999 Nov 159: 2456-2460.

“Melatonin possesses strong antioxidant properties with increases in brain glutathione. Melatonin possesses potent anticancer effects, increases and improves immune defenses, inhibits tumor growth factor production.” Journal Pineal Research 1999 Aug ;23(i): 15-19.

“Night time administration of melatonin relieves migraine headaches.” Neurology 2004 August; 246-250.