Signs of Aging : What to do about it?

Signs of Aging and what can we do about it

One of the most amazing traits the human body has is its ability to showcase and provide clues about what’s going on inside it. These external manifestations are very helpful especially on the detection of more serious illnesses and disorders that could lead to threatening or even fatal results. It doesn’t only provide us knowledge but it also let us know what we could still do about it and so we could reverse it.

Skin wrinkles, alteration of skin tone, the well-being of your hair and the mechanism of how you move and look are few of the indicators whether your biological age is higher than your real age. It is called biological because it refers to the wellness levels of your body to do its functions and processes. Perhaps, there’s this person in your neighborhood who is in his 20s but looks like a fifty-year-old because of stress and other factors. You might probably have an uncle who is 60 but looks like he’s decades younger because he’s happy. These phenomena is a manifestation how biological and chronological age actually varies in a case to case basis.


Sleeping at least 8 hours daily delays aging.

One of the best ways to alleviate the effects of aging is to actually take a good sleep for at least eight hours a night. Sleep is the best avenue for your cells to regenerate and get back its natural glow. It also provides a break to the mind, after a very tiring work. When the mind takes a break, it could retrieve its ability to recall memory efficiently and faster.


Healthy foods that delays aging.

There is no more perfect way to fight signs of aging than eating the proper food. Vegetables and fruits are your best allies not only in fighting aging but fighting a serious disease as a whole. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are your sole source to goodness and health.


Regular exercise promotes good blood circulation.

Simple activities such as jogging, trekking or biking are few of the things that keep you moving. You don’t need to actually avail an expensive membership on a high-end gym or hire the best instructors to get you out and do movements of your body and muscles.

We are all not getting any younger. All of us are bound to become old one day. But if there are things we could do to stop or just slow down the process of getting old, then we have to grab it. Perhaps a life of having an “equal” biological and chronological age is a life best lived.