Vitamin B12 Injectables

B12 Shot

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin of the body that can mostly be found in meat, fish or dairy products or could be made synthetically. Since its one of the most important vitamins that the body should have, lower levels of Vitamin b12 in the blood is a threatening phenomenon that could lead to serious damages and sometimes, death.

The main target of Vitamin B12 is focused on the brain and mental functions. Vitamin B12 could help an individual to an enhanced memory recall, better sleep and to slow down aging. Thus, Vitamin B12 deficiency could cause Alzheimer’s disease, serious sleep disorders and other age-related diseases. More often than not, supplements that necessarily carries this vitamin is taken either taken orally or injected in the intramuscular part of the body. The most frequently asked question about the vitamin’s supplement is that what is the best way to take in the supplement, orally or intramuscularly?

Most studies about the mechanism of taking in the vitamins have proven that oral and injectable Vitamin B12 often offers almost the same effect. When injected, the vitamin directly gets in the body system of its user because of the direct contact with the supplement. However, oral dosage of the drugs could go a whole lot of way before it gets to the bloodstream. It goes on into the digestive tract, broken down by the different digestive organs before actually absorbed by the blood of its user. This is precisely the reason why prescription of the vitamin is often suggested to be taken in injectable form. Although it offers the same amount of effect, the time that the body system absorbs the supplement may vary. Thus, either oral or injectable, both offers the same quality of results.

Since Vitamin B12 deficiency could cause serious damages, time is an essential factor to consider. This is why intramuscularly injecting the vitamin could offer greater results as contrasted to oral regimens, time wise.

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