Client-Centered Care

Over time, the definition of client-centered care has evolved. Client-centered care is now defined as experiencing health or illness, coping with its effects, and gaining access to treatment in a manner that respects their views, values, and comfort. These various services are relatively low-cost but have proven to be effective.

Are you looking for health and wellness guidance where certified professionals guide you through every step?  Client-centered care prides itself on the attention to detail the client will receive. While many doctors and wellness experts can provide amazing treatments, they may not be willing to work with you every step toward greater health.

Our concierge approach at Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness Center not only tailors our treatments to your specific needs but ensures our team works with you to help you achieve desired results.

Our Goals For Our Concierge Approach

Ultimately, our goal is to make things simple for all our clients. Our concierge approach includes follow-up phone calls, scheduling appointments, and reorders. We want to achieve results by working with clients every step of the way: from the initial consultation to the final treatment and beyond. Our CEO believes that all of our clients deserve to live happy, healthy lives and has prioritized making this approach affordable.

What You Can Expect

At Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness Center, our time is not on our list of priorities. During your consultation, we dedicate as much time as needed to discuss our client’s questions and concerns.

We want to keep our clients well-educated about their health, their treatment options, and everything in between. We will never call your concierge appointment short. You, the client, determine the length of time we spend with you discussing and addressing your health and wellness needs.

Are you ready to meet with a health expert that is prepared to give your wellness needs the time of day? Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve greater health and, with it, greater peace of mind.

How is Client Retention Related To Client-Centered Care?

Finding a service provider that suits your needs is critical for the best result. Engagement and retention are significant components of the services clients receive.

It’s vital for service providers to incorporate more inclusive measures for their incoming clients. The quality of care directly influences the positive outcomes of the clients. Client-centered care is taking the initiative to collaborate with clients and help them improve their quality of life.

Client-centered care is a more inclusive approach for those engaging in wellness programs. This treatment model takes into consideration the expressed concerns of the clients so they can better understand how it functions.

Why is Client-Centered Care Important?

Client-centered care can optimize treatment experience through an in-depth approach and highlight satisfaction. Cient satisfaction is one of the core principles of client-centered care.  When a client is satisfied with their experience, they typically report healthier outcomes.

Client-Centered Care Vs Traditional Care

In traditional medical care, the provider would have a limited amount of time to assess your problem and prescribe a solution. In many cases, this leads providers to prescribe treatments that may not be suited to their preferences.

In client-centered care, on the other hand, providers can spend more time interacting with clients and customizing their treatment plans to suit the client’s preferences.

Some factors include in client-centered care principles include:

  • Care is collaborative and adaptable
  • Emotional and physical well being are priorities
  • Steadfast communication

Through conventional standards, practitioners might prescribe a drug or procedure that is desirable from a cost standpoint without allowing for consideration of your preferences. In client-centered care, on the other hand, clients can expect a streamlined but subtle approach.

The benefits of client-centered care can be a combination of:

  • Reduced expenses through increased financial margins
  • Improved satisfaction rates from clients and families
  • Improved credibility for the facility
  • Resources being used more effectively
  • Improved morale within the culture of care

The medical staff is recognized for their hard work and patience, eliminating the “taskmaster” template in favor of a “team member” title. A client must know they are being treated in the most delicate of hands for their needs. Client satisfaction surveys and focus groups are being used steadily to catch a glimpse of where to improve.

What Can A Client Expect Through Client-Centered Care?

It is not uncommon for clients to feel neglected or unimportant by providers who get carried away with their daily tasks and responsibilities, especially when working through a jam-packed schedule. The feeling of neglect can be devastating, especially during a challenging time.

An enriched support system in your life can introduce lasting impacts. This concept is in the process of being introduced in hospitals across the United States. Why? Because it has been proven to work.

Client-Centered Care Through A Medical Professional

A client must first be comfortable with who will provide their care. Medical professionals should always use a warm hand, a kind tone, and sincere words. The client should feel as if they are being listened to and not just handed a couple of pills and sent on their way.

A trusted relationship with empathy and two-way communication can ensure the client’s confidence to diagnose their symptoms. This attention is filtered through support groups, and financial and wellness resources to the client. Medical professionals often use hands-on technology tools to provide clients with extensive health reports.

Client-Centered Care Within A Hospital

Clients are provided with the flexibility to determine who can visit them during this time. Their loved ones will have access to well-rounded reports of their progress and chances to build bonds in a home-like environment.

Clients can also select their meals, with many hospitals providing extracurricular activities that improve wellness. These activities include cooking classes, gardening opportunities, and workout equipment.

Client-Centered Care Outside Of A Hospital

Once released from hospitals, these more personalized services continue. Clients are encouraged to manage their health with access. Maintaining wellness through diet, exercise, and counseling requires diligence.

Client-Centered Care With Personal Medicine

Treating 5 million Americans each year, personalized medicine is making major headlines. This unique approach to healthcare focuses on genetics and lifestyle factors to produce client-specific treatments. Clients value providers who listen and answer questions without rushing through appointments.

Individuals want choices in the care they receive treatment. It can help clients stay healthy through awareness. With personalized medicine, doctors can prescribe medicine based on a person’s genetic makeup and lifestyle choices. They need to be more vigilant in following certain medical regimens due to possible side effects of prescription.

Seek Quality Care Through Androgenix Solutions

Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness Center in North Palm Beach offers superior wellness solutions, including concierge medicine to help improve your quality of day-to-day life. Our team is determined to address all of your concerns and that you leave our office with greater peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and ask our team any questions you may have regarding concierge medicine or any of our other services.




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