What are the Benefits of High Testosterone Level?

What are the Benefits of High Testosterone Level?

As men grow older, many of them experience a reduction in their testosterone. While some might just accept this as a price of aging, there is actually a great deal of biological processes that are impacted by the decrease of male hormones and might be having a negative impact on your life as a whole. There is no reason you have to just accept the negative consequences like balding, weight gain, depression, and a reduction in your sex drive. Instead, you should consider testosterone therapy to reap the benefits of high testosterone. For those who are in West Palm Beach, you should especially take a look at the testosterone therapy options we have available.

The Benefits of High Testosterone

You likely don’t realize how much testosterone impacts your life until your body starts to produce less of it. One of the biggest benefits you’ll likely notice once you start undergoing testosterone therapy in West Palm Beach is an increase in energy. Testosterone helps to break down the calories that you eat. Without it, you notice a growing amount of weight gain. With optimal levels of testosterone, those stores of energy are instead burned or easily forged into muscle with some exercise. For men who may be at risk for diabetes or other weight-related diseases, keeping your weight low is crucial. Testosterone therapy deals with maintaining or gaining weight, help with muscle mass, makes you gain and build muscles and helps you regulate energy.

Another benefit that testosterone therapy can offer is to increase or maintain your libido. With a decrease of the hormone, you feel less of a drive. Testosterone therapy can be one of the  libido boosters that can keep your sexual activity the same or improve it if your libido was already lacking testosterone production. How long does testosterone stay in your system?  Testosterone level goes down with your age. 

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For those who are in the West Palm Beach area and are tired of having the consequences that come with low testosterone, feel free to make an appointment with Androgenix Advanced Health And Wellness Center! At our office in West Palm Beach, FL, we can go over your symptoms and come up with a therapy that will get you back up on the horse. With testosterone therapy, you can enjoy aspects of your life again that you might have thought were long gone. In some cases, you may even feel younger than ever. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.