The Testosterone Advantage: The Benefits of Testosterone Injections

If you suffer from low testosterone and you’re considering testosterone injections, then check out this info and learn about the benefits of testosterone injections here!

Make no mistake, aging is a war of attrition. Your body, fortified against the elements and disease slowly runs out of supplies. The walls begin to crumble and bad things get in.

That is unless you find ways to establish supply lines to the outside world. Hormonal balances play a key part in keeping the walls strong and the supplies of essential nutrients from shutting down.

You may hear about hormone replacement therapies, especially in regards to HGH and testosterone injections. In the fight against aging, for me, the testosterone advantage outweighs HGH in maintaining homeostasis.

The following will explain the effects of testosterone on several aspects of your health. We’ll explore why looking into regulating your testosterone drop-off is crucial.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Testosterone Injections

Regulating the amount of testosterone as age and general drop-offs occur maintains health. Individuals who seem to maintain youthful qualities longer, enjoy these synergistic effects, so why not you?

Maintaining testosterone levels is different than reversing drops caused by trauma or disorders. Hypogonadism diagnoses are rare but well supported in their effects.

The following advantages of increased testosterone illustrate the importance of this necessary hormone. We’ll break down the effects into categories of physical and mental. Remember, however, that they tend to cycle and reinforce each other. Benefits Of Testosterone Injections

Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefits of high testosterone come from the physical category. The change in growth through puberty remains the go-go testament of the power of any hormone.

Even so, some of the physical benefits work undercover. The results are tangible, but the processes don’t manifest in obvious ways.

Bone Density

You may notice that osteoporosis is a condition associated with females over males. Osteoporosis is a general weakening of bones making them brittle and more likely to splinter when breaking. High testosterone benefits bone density by increasing mineral concentration in bones.

Mineral concentration in the bone also affects the marrow, which is why increased red cell count also comes from testosterone.

As testosterone levels fall throughout the 30s and into the 40s, the density of bones can weaken. Minerals get leached out from stress and not replaced. Maintaining a strong testosterone level allows the body to keep both of these effects to a minimum.

Muscle Growth

With the bones stronger, the muscle has a firmer base with which to attach. This synergistic effect allows the existing muscle to work better and more efficiently. The increase in red cells also affects the speed of muscle tissue growth.

Increases in energy and a better metabolic rate for fat also contribute. Decreases in fat mass allow the muscle to exert less to do the same work. Essentially, muscle works less hard when it is able to get energy more quickly.

The firmer base further reduces strain, and the red cells promote growth. Altogether, the muscle gains men with high testosterone experience come from a plethora of processes.

One of the downsides to this coordinated set of effects is maintaining muscle when testosterone levels dip. Just as the gains happened all at once, the loss comes from a variety of avenues.

Maintaining testosterone before and after trauma also allows the body to repair itself. Having testosterone for muscle growth means you are not sacrificing crucial muscle gains.


Testosterone burns fat. You may not understand the complicated metabolic process that gets us to the result. It deals with the reuptake of calcium and oxygen in the post power stroke phase of ATP creation.

More testosterone does not have a 1 to 1 effect on reducing fat. However, a healthy system will see increased fat burning and less fat storage. Those in the upper percentile levels of testosterone have the least body fat.

Many people report a general weight gain as the first sign of lower testosterone levels. This, coupled with mood, often leads to depression.


Testosterone is one of the libido boosters. Libido response represents a tighter feedback loop of testosterone over other systems. More sexual arousal and more sexual activity increase testosterone levels. This leads to better experiences and more sexual arousal and so on.

The loop isn’t infinite, obviously, but a lack of libido is as much a cause of lower testosterone as it is an effect.

This health benefit caps off within normal testosterone levels. So, a lack of libido might be caused by low testosterone but an average libido will not overtly increase with testosterone.


Testosterone has an interesting bonding process with cholesterol to form a sub-compound. Appropriate levels of testosterone burn more fat and thereby regulate LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.

Increases in testosterone will stabilize this reaction if it is out of sorts. Studies show that bonding specifically targets HDL in higher doses. Since HDL is the ‘good’ cholesterol too much bonding can be an issue. This is why doctors monitor hormone replacement procedures carefully.

Mental Benefits

The mental benefits of testosterone manifest differently for different people. The number of factors going into our general mental/emotional makeup makes some things hard to see. These effects come most often in data correlation.

For those that experience boosts in these areas, there can be no mistaking of the advantages.

Spatial Awareness

The ability to recognize and maintain the memory of objects within a space benefits from higher testosterone. This is an evolutionary advantage that comes from stimulation of the pineal and pituitary glands.

Higher testosterone levels have been shown to optimize spatial awareness, rather than grant it. Studies in Alzheimer’s and memory loss corroborate these effects. Testosterone builds and maintains some types of memory.

Verbal memory also receives a benefit with more words being retained in larger vocabularies. This also owes to an evolutionary benefit. Passing precise information about the external world led to better survival rates.


Testosterone sometimes gets labeled as an ‘aggression’ exaggerator. It is more correct to say ‘assertiveness’ enhancer. People experience a greater ability to express and defend themselves with higher testosterone. This relates to a sense of confidence in both memory and ability.

Lacking assertiveness costs people in many aspects of life. The most common of these is in the pursuit of wages or acting properly within a job. Those that don’t speak up will find themselves disappointed and unhappy with their jobs rather quickly.

Mood Elevation

Fatigue, depression, and irritability all come from a lack of testosterone. Lower mood increases stress which leaches other nutrients from the system. This makes it harder for the body to repair damage and retain hormonal levels.

Improving mood makes for a potent feedback loop in testosterone therapy. The more want to get out and do, the more benefit you will see.

Getting treated with testosterone often feels like it falls off after 24 weeks. The mood boost becomes normal and other activities become more difficult. This is another reason doctors work carefully to monitor levels during treatment.

Delivery Methods

Not all testosterone treatments get delivered equally. The following breaks down the delivery of both bioidentical hormones and synthetic testosterone.


You receive the most advantages of testosterone when injected directly into the system. Doctors inject directly into the large muscle of the thigh or the glutes to enable fast absorption.

Using this method, you would receive an injection every two weeks either in-office or at home. Blood and testosterone level tests are common to maintain levels and avoid complications.


These topical products get rubbed into the skin. They absorb slowly and need to be applied multiple times throughout the day. The benefits include a more controlled release and for those who disliked needles.

Creams should be stored and handled carefully as they can cause problems for others. Be careful to avoid contact shortly after applying a cream to not dose others.


Patches are another slow-release method. Patches don’t have the secondary dosage or storage problems of creams. Patches do have a tendency to leave dry skin at the application area from the adhesive.


Subdermally implanted low-dose slow-release pellets are the newest thing in hormone therapy. These feel invasive to some but provide all the benefits of something like a cream or patch without the negatives.

As they have to be applied under the skin, they do go further than an injection. So those with phobias may see a problem. The level of invasion also means they must be administered in a doctor’s office.

Dietary Supplementation

Some people may want to increase their testosterone without going the medical route. Dietary supplements offer some aid. The effects will be noticeably less than targeted medical processes.

The problem with dietary supplementation is in absorption levels. Even foods that are high in testosterone such as garlic, tuna, and oysters only provide a few ng/dL.

Maximize Your Health

The testosterone injections advantage over HGH and supplements for your health is astonishing. We’ve only covered the cursory details about the how of these benefits but you can see why maintaining testosterone is important.

Learning about specific metabolic processes takes time. We’ve offered some more specific information into some of these pathways for those that want to learn. Read more about these testosterone injections and other health topics on our blog, Androgenix Advanced Health.

*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.