Today we’re going to unbox the basic male testosterone therapy and go over everything that you need to know to properly administer your medicine.

Testosterone will come in a box or pill container depending on the pharmacy. You will see a small cap on the top of the vial. You are going to pop this plastic top off. Be careful just to remove the plastic cap only. Once removing the cap, grab an alcohol prep pad and dap the top of the vial to sterilize the vial before inserting the draw needle. Now you will use the 20g 3mL syringe. This will be your drawl needle. Draw the needle to the appropriate amount listed in your medication instructions. Once you have the appropriate amount in vail flip the vial back right side up and remove the needle. Draw the medication back out of the needle, by pulling the plunger out. Grab the 23 or 25g injection needles and screw it onto the syringe. Be sure to get all air out before injecting.
For this injection we are going to show the proper place to inject your Quad at Androgenix.
• Clean injection site with prep pad and let the alcohol evaporate to avoid any unnecessary burning sensation.
• Stretch skin with two fingers. Using the opposite hand insert the needle at a 90-degree angle.
• Before injection, it is recommended to aspirate the syringe by pulling back on the plunger. There should be no blood. This ensures that you are not in a vein. If there is blood. Then repeat steps one through 3.
• Push the plunger until all medication is out of the syringe. This is an oil-based compound and the viscosity is much thicker than a water-based injection and may take longer to inject.
• Once all the medication is out of the syringe, leave the needle for 3-5 seconds to avoid any medication from coming out, and it will help prevent bruising. (If the injection site is sore over the next few days this is perfectly normal). If for any reason over the next few days the site is swollen and warm to the touch, please contact our office to let our staff know. This can happen if the injection site is not properly cleaned before injection.
• Dispose of both needle and syringe by placing into the sharp’s container provided.

Now let’s move on to the HCG. Clean both tops of vials with prep pad.
Using the large mixing syringe provided to you. Draw out 5.5mL’s of bacteriostatic water. Before inserting into HCG vial. Pick up the vial and look under the cap. Once you insert the mixing needle into the vial you will quickly angle the needle to allow the water to drain down the side of the vial, instead of hitting the powered directly. This will ensure that you do not damage the HCG. The bottle is vacuum sealed and once you insert the needle into the vial of HCG, it will want to quickly pull the liquid from the syringe. You do not want this to happen. Use your thumb to act as a break for the plunger. Once all the liquid is in the vial, remove the mixing syringe and dispose of it in the sharps container.
If there is still some powder in the vial that hasn’t fully mixed. Place the vial on its side and rotate carefully. Do not shake the vial. Once all powder is dissolved, the liquid will be completely clear. If for any reason the liquid is not perfectly clear, do not inject. Contact our staff.
Best injection site is 1-2 inches around the belly button, this is one of the highest absorption spots for subcutaneous injections.
• Draw out the recommended amount of HCG into the insulin syringes provided. In this case it will be 1/4mL or 25 units.
• Clean injection site.
• Insert needle at 90-degree angle.
• Aspirate needle, once you have confirmed there is no blood. Push plunger to inject medication.
• Leave needle for 3-5 seconds again to ensure no medication comes out and to help prevent any bruising.
• Dispose syringe into sharps container.
• HCG must go into the refrigerator once it is mixed. Before it is mixed this medication is not temperature sensitive.
Please contact our office with any further questions (561) 408-7735 ~ Thank you!



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