The Surprising Ways Weight Loss Programs Can Positively Impact Your Quality of Life

You’ve been working hard to lose those extra pounds by following a healthy diet and leading a healthy life style.  It’s not easy to sit back and watch your friends guzzle that extra frozen marguerita or chow down on those cheesy appetizers.  Our “live for today” lifestyle frequently encourages us to do what feels good now and  ignore what’s best for our bodies. Your reward comes when you look in the mirror and say, “Wow!”  Your wardrobe will improve as you will want to show off the body you have worked hard to achieve.  No more worrying about what to wear to that outdoor event.  Seeing a toned body that looks great in clothes is quite the reward.  However, your rewards don’t stop there.

A multitude of surprising benefits come with even a 5-10% loss in body weight.

Improvement in quality of life is due to a multitude of changes you are experiencing.

Weight loss can give you a better night’s sleep.  Sleeping allows your body’s cells to rebuild and recharge which gives you more energy and a more positive mind set to follow your goals for better health.  Better sleep can help reduce sleep apnea and those frequent and unwanted wake-ups in the middle of the night which leave you feeling tired the next day.

Weight loss regimen gives you a brighter and clearer complexion. Your glowing skin is a result of not only better sleep, but a result of the wholesome fruits and veggies you have been eating. Also, working out regularly helps cleanse your pores as your sweat washes out impurities. Remember that washing after a good work out is important to cleanse these impurities from your skin.

Weight loss helps your hormones find balance.  Hormones affect, not only your body’s growth and development, but they regulate your metabolism and affect your sense of well-being.  When your body has hormonal balance, you will have more energy and more muscle strength.  While that ideal or healthy body weight seems to become more elusive as we age and our hormonal levels decrease, a weight loss diet helps to regulate hormones.

Weight loss will give a huge boost to your sex drive.  Knowing you look better and feeling more energetic fires up your libido and improves sexual satisfaction.  Studies show that the loss of just 10 lbs. increases testosterone and increases other sexual hormones levels.  You will stop feeling “too tired” to engage in this fulfilling form of “exercise.”

Weight loss helps improves your mental health.  Working out helps your body release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that interact with your brain and which that help reduce the feeling of pain while boosting your body to feel good.  Runners call this the “runner’s high.”  This increased sense of well-being increases your ability to successfully survive the ups and downs of modern life.  Also, when you look in the mirror or try on clothes and see how good you look, you will feel less stress and anxiety.

Weight loss helps relieve feelings of stress.  For some, this reduction in stress will mean less dependence on medications that can have long term negative effects on your body and organs.  Going to the doctor will no longer be as stressful because the fear of what the scale will read or of what your doctor will say about your blood pressure reading. Instead, you will be proud of your gains.

Weight loss can have an impact on medications you have to take.  It can possibly lessen the number of prescriptions you need. However, before stopping any regular prescribed medicine, please speak with your physician.  Regular exercise and a diet of healthy foods will not only improve your immune system but will support an improvement in your overall body functions.  Carrying less weight has a [positive impact on life threatening health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.   Eating wholesome foods, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and working up a sweat will boost your immunity and will help fight off common colds

Weight loss has a positive impact on joint pain.  Your joints get a work out daily just moving you around.  Imagine how much easier their job is when they are not burdened by those extra pounds!  Also, you are probably drinking more water throughout the day because of your health plan, and studies show increasing your water intake can actually lessen joint pain.  Extra weight can also impact your respiratory system. Carrying extra weight can make it more difficult to breathe and puts extra pressure on your diaphragm and lungs.  While losing weight won’t necessarily make you less allergy prone, losing weight will make it easier to breathe during any seasonal allergy outbreaks.

Weight loss can help you become a better cook if you choose to prepare many of your meals yourself.   Eating out or having restaurant food delivered is not a healthy approach to weight loss.  You may choose to use a delivered food plan, but you are eventually going to want to shop and cook for yourself.

Weight loss can help you gain a sense of adventure as you create new recipes centered around tasty vegetables, lean meats, and luscious fruits. You will not only save money, as eating out becomes quite expensive, but you will feel better about yourself because you are making decisions for yourself.  Once you become accustomed to tasty healthy food, you may even find your taste for junk foods-unhealthy and expensive-has diminished.   With the money you save from cooking a healthy diet for yourself, you’ll have extra money for that new wardrobe.

Weight loss can further improve your sense of adventure and improve your social life.  This newfound sense of adventure is going to continue into your everyday life because you are more comfortable in your own body.  No longer will you be ashamed of your body and stay in the background or at home.  Your new sense of self and your increased energy levels will propel you into a world of people and activities.  You will find your social life is improving because of the people you meet, not those hanging in bars, but those who are enjoying sport activities like paddle boarding, hiking, beach volleyball, or a relaxing walk on a beautiful beach.

The best benefit of all is that you are not only living with better health, more energy, more confidence, and a more fulfilled life, but you are living with a better chance of an increased life span.

Losing weight isn’t easy, and it takes commitment. The team at Androgenix are here to support and help you as you start or continue your journey to a better you.  If you are suffering from sluggishness, numbness, or other symptoms that concern you, you need to visit our office to get a complete blood work-up.  If you want to lose weight, we can help put you on a low carbohydrate diet, B12, and MIC injections, and a fitness workout program. Our staff of caring healthcare practitioners will help diagnose and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.  Every person who enters our doors is treated as an individual deserving of care and respect.  We can help you feel and look better.  Give us a call today.


*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.