How Soon Will Testosterone Replacement Therapy Show Results?

Low testosterone affects more than your sexual performance.  Low testosterone affects not only your body, but it affects your relationships and your career.  Maintaining healthy testosterone levels provides benefits to all aspects of your life.

If you have started or are thinking about starting HRT, you are probably anxious to start feeling results.  Testosterone replacement therapy doesn’t offer immediate results, and the timing of results will vary according to your age, gender, weight, the particular type of TRT you are using, and the level of your testosterone when you started treatment.  As you will have learned from working with your chosen medical specialist, injectable forms of TRT give the quickest results.  Noticeable changes in energy usually occur during the first two to four weeks of TRT.  Changes in sexual libido usually occur after three weeks of testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement works best when it is tailored to meet your particular needs, your lifestyle, and your metabolism.  This is an important reason to work with a health care professional specifically trained to work with individuals who are suffering with low testosterone levels, like someone from Androgenix.  No two individuals who are undergoing TRT will have identical results, but all individuals suffering with low testosterone will see results that will be life-changing.  TRT will not suddenly change you into a muscular body builder; but with patience, you will soon experience not only an improvement physically but an improvement in your mental and emotional outlook on yourself and your life.

Testosterone replacement therapy will have an effect on your physical strength, mental sharpness, emotional well-being, and sexual performance.  The best and fastest way to see positive changes in your body is to use bioidentical injectable testosterone.  These type of hormone injections work in your body like naturally produced testosterone and have been proven to be clinically effective.  Since TRT is prescribed on an individual basis and since each body may respond differently to any type of health treatment,  the results you will see may not fit an exact time table; however, there are time markers that are common with a large number of individuals on TRT.

Many individuals say they start to see physical changes, such as increased strength and stamina, in as little as two weeks after starting TRT.  Many also claim that they start noticing an improvement in mental outlook even earlier than  two weeks.  Once again, individual results will vary.  Most men will see an improvement in depression levels and in an improved sense-of-well-being after three to four weeks of being on TRT.

Month One

After four to six weeks of continual therapy, you should see:

  • an increase in muscle mass,
  • a reduction of body fat,
  • a better ability to concentrate and focus,
  • a better mood and outlook on life.

Month Two

After eight to ten weeks of continual therapy, you should see a difference when looking in a mirror.  You will appear more upright because of an increase in muscle mass and a further decrease of body fat.   You should see improvements with:

  • your ability to get a good night’s sleep,
  • your increasing libido or sex drive,
  • lower cholesterol levels,
  • a reduction of systemic inflammations, which may include joint pain, gastrointestinal issues, and persistent infections,
  • further increases in physical and mental stamina.

 Months Three and Four

After twelve to sixteen weeks of continual therapy, you should continue to see all the above-mentioned areas of your life and body continue to improve.  You should also see an improvement with:

  • stronger bones and better bone health,
  • healthier skin and hair.

Months Five and Six

You should be nearing the end of your first course of TRT at this point.  Of course, you have had your blood regularly tested to best regulate your testosterone levels.  At this point, you will look and feel better and have a much-improved outlook on life.


What are the results I may see with TRT?

The results you can may see from TRT will impact you with:

  • an increase in physical strength and stamina,
  • an increase in energy levels,
  • an improvement in concentration and thinking skills,
  • an increased ability to burn body fat and lower body weight,
  • an increased ability to build muscular mass,
  • an ability to build stronger bones and have healthier skin,
  • a decrease in LDL cholesterol levels,
  • an improvement in sexual performance and libido,
  • a more youthful appearance.


Are there risks with TRT?

There are risks associated with every type of medical treatment from basic immunizations to advanced cancer care.  That is why it is important to work with trained medical professionals who know your personal history, who have completed a complete physical examination, and who have obtained complete blood test results from an accredited lab.  You will discuss the risks with your chosen healthcare professional and together you will decide if you are a good candidate for TRT.

How Androgenix Can Help

If you wonder whether testosterone therapy might be right for you, talk with our staff and doctor about the risks and benefits. If you are suffering from feeling of weakness  or loss of energy, and an increasing sense of depression, or have any other concerns about your health, please contact our office and make an appointment with our staff and visit our office to get blood work and a complete physical examination.  For any treatment plan, you will be monitored by our team for treatment effectiveness and side effects on a regular basis. The team at Androgenix are here to support you in your journey for a better, healthier you. Our staff of caring healthcare practitioners will help diagnose and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.  Every person who enters our doors is treated as an individual deserving of care and respect.  We can help you feel and look better.  Give us a call today.












*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.