Hypogonadism and Heart Failure 

At first, the title of this blog was going to be heart failure and testosterone.  It seemed very clear that the intention was to give information on the correlation between heart failure, and low testosterone levels in adult males. When you take a closer look at studies, men with lack of testosterone, medically known as hypogonadism, suffer from low levels of testosterone related disorders. Amongst these are cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, hypogonadism, type two diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders.

Optimal levels of testosterone in men, reduce risks of metabolic disorders, especially cardiovascular risks that arise from the imbalance of hormones and excess of unhealthy fats. When we can control our fat to lean mass ratio, we can prevent those cardiovascular complications. Thus, creating longevity through testosterone replacement therapy.

According to the American heart association, the general consensus is that testosterone deficiency is common in men with heart failure. Testosterone replacement therapy can be beneficial to those who have a natural imbalance of testosterone levels in their bodies. Testosterone replacement therapy should always be prescribed and monitored by a physician. With the proper diagnosis and treatment of male hypogonadism, the effects of TRT can become beneficial for years to come.

Much like any cardiovascular disease, hypogonadism exhibits some of the same symptoms. Early signs of aging, excess weight that often leads to obesity, lower skeletal mass, or lower endurance generally while exercising could all indicate low levels of testosterone or cardiovascular related illness.

As previously stated, testosterone replacement therapy should be monitored by a physician. There was a study by the European Academy of Andrology, and the European Association of Urology, both which advised against TRT for patients with uncontrolled heart failure. We can agree that any untreated diagnosis in combination with another therapy could negatively impact your health, emphasis on the importance of prescribed hormone therapy.


How do I know if I have heart failure or low testosterone levels?

If you are experiencing any symptoms that are disrupting your life, or are preventing you from performing at your best, you could start here by getting your hormone levels checked. At Androgenix, we offer a wide range of hormone optimization therapies and routine labs; our male hormone blood panel would be necessary to diagnose and treat any hormonal imbalance, or in this case, hypogonadism. Identifying which hormones are imbalanced is key to properly diagnosing and treating your deficiencies. With blood results back within 48 hours you are able to meet with a practitioner and get your optimal wellness journey started sooner than you think!


The prevalence of hypogonadism in males who have heart failure

A group of 22 studies published between 2006 and 2020, concluded that the prevalence of hypogonadism in patients with chronic disease is higher than it is in the general male population. This helps us understand the benefits provided when properly treating hypogonadism.

The American heart association published an article that gave information on how multiple studies reported that testosterone treatment had beneficial effects in patients with heart failure. Higher levels of testosterone helped improve exercise endurance, reduced symptoms of any cardiovascular disease and improved insulin sensitivity. Depressive symptoms and mental health were also reported to have improved during the length of these studies.


Conclusions and preventatives

With the most recent data available at our fingertips, it can be so accessible to understand the correlation between health and illnesses. There are steps that we can take towards a healthier version of ourselves; one that can perform at optimal levels.

Optimal hormone wellness would mean the ability to push your limits while training, improving endurance while strengthening your cardiovascular health, improving your sleep while boosting mental health, and lowering body fat while reducing unwanted cholesterol levels. Hypogonadism, along with heart failure can be prevented if detected early.

Let us help you understand your health. Wellness does not have to be difficult, intimidating, or dreadful. The welcoming staff at our office are sure to make you feel at home, amongst people who understand the desire to perform at your absolute best. Located in the heart of North Palm Beach, our wellness clinic is ready to show you your optimal potential. Don’t let heart failure or hypogonadism affect your ability to live in an abundant, long life. If you could increase your ability to perform with less effort, while improving overall wellness, wouldn’t you?



*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.