The Importance of Vitamins and Amino Acids

Your body is a complex biological machine. As such, it needs a wide variety of nutrients to be able to function and maintain its ability to operate as intended. Among the nutrients your body needs are vitamins and amino acids. If you are missing too many of these components, your body will start to malfunction in different ways. This is why it is important to make sure you eat a diet rich in a wide variety of vitamins and amino acids to give your body the nutrients it requires to meet the demands placed on it. Here are some reasons why vitamins and amino acids, in particular, are important for your body’s health and functionality.

Amino Acids

You have probably heard that proteins contain amino acids. Beyond that, people typically do not know too much about what amino acids do for the body. Amino acids are some of the building blocks of life itself. They are more than just important for the body and for maintaining your health, they are essential to life. Your body uses them to synthesize the proteins it needs, and this makes it important to get enough amino acids in your diet. If you are missing certain amino acids, this can lead to problems like depression and stunted growth. They are also used in the production of hormones too. So, if you lack certain amino acids, this could ultimately lead to a hormone imbalance.


Vitamins are nutrients that your body needs but cannot create on its own. So, your body must get them from the foods you eat or from direct supplementation. Certain vitamins, such as A, C, and E, are beneficial antioxidants. If you think of free radicals as electrons that damage the body in a way like rust damages metal, antioxidant vitamins help to prevent the damage done by these free electrons. Other vitamins, such as D3 and K2, are essential for helping the body to handle the uptake and proper use of the mineral calcium. Without these two vitamins getting calcium where it needs to go, the body will have a tendency to drop calcium into places like your arteries and eyes. When calcium builds up in these areas, it can damage vision or cause circulatory problems. The more you know about how vitamins work and how they work together, the more things you can do to target certain health conditions with vitamin therapy.

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