Should You Consider Injectable Vitamins?

Everybody knows that vitamins are essential to human health. We seek out fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins, and many of us share positive memories about eating sweet and/or gummy vitamins when we were growing up. However, the world is an increasingly non-nutritious place, thanks to factory farming and genetically modified foods that ultimately pack more water than vitamins. This is merely one of the reasons why so many people today are turning to Androgenix Solutions in North Palm Beach, Florida to receive injectable vitamins.

Why Injectable Vitamins?

On a surface level they are exactly what they sound like: vitamins that can be received via a hypodermic needle. But this is hardly the whole story. Read on to understand exactly what injectable vitamins are and explore the reasons why so many health-conscious people are turning to this treatment. Let us outline this exciting treatment option and explore whether or not you will be a good candidate for injectable vitamins.

The Failure of Ingested Supplements

For a long time, “supplementation” has been the key word when it comes to getting the right amount of vitamins. The logic went that if you were eating a well-balanced diet, all you really needed to do was pop a multivitamin every other day or so to make sure that your body received all its essentials. Unfortunately, the supplementation method yields mixed results.

Why Ingestible Vitamins Don’t Work As They Should

Nutritionists squabble about the exact reasons why simply popping a vitamin capsule along with your meal has provided less than stellar results for the general population. Some believe that our body too readily discards vitamins that come to us in a pill or capsule form. Others believe that the oversaturation of vitamins in a single dose causes our digestive tract to ignore some vitamins in the cocktail.

Still, others believe that all your vitamins should come from your food. This final group’s position is losing ground, however, as it is becoming increasingly clear that the diagnosis of both physical and mental disease is rising as the nutrition of the general populace is falling quickly.

The Problem of Vitamin Deficiency

A major factor in the prevalence of vitamin deficiency is that stressors, and therefore stress, have increased. Real wages are down and rent continues to rise. People have to work harder just to stay where they are at. This is an extremely stressful situation, and when you are stressed your body burns more vitamins. Stress also makes it difficult for you to fully process the nutrients in your food, which can be a major part of the equation. On top of all this, stressed people are more likely to reach for comfort foods that are tasty but utterly devoid of the vitamins they need.

The Arguments for Vitamin Injection

Many nutritionists engaged in ongoing research suggest that vitamin supplements are becoming requirements. Their research shows that injectable nutritional therapies are essential to prevent many disease states and that they may even be key in slowing the measurable decline in societal health.


The shift away from capsule form vitamins over the last ten years has been picking up steam in recent years, with more and more injectable vitamin treatment centers opening across the world. Many consumers find comfort in the fact that vitamin injections absorb better than their orally consumed counterparts.


Not only do injectable vitamins absorb more readily into the body, but they are also much more highly regulated than their oral alternatives. The sad fact is that many of the companies which manufacture, bottle, and sell vitamins are just out to make a buck and are willing to cut corners when it comes to providing you with the highest quality ingredients. Because injectable vitamins go directly into your bloodstream, there is no wiggle room, and therefore they are much more highly regulated.

Vitamin Content

You may have read the recent reports about the poor reputation of several brands of oral supplements. Many companies’ oral vitamins have been shown not to contain the actual ingredients that they claim to have. The situation is much worse than simply not providing the correct nutrition. In some cases, there are alternative ingredients in addition to vitamins: alternative ingredients that can actually be detrimental to your health.

This scandal can be avoided by choosing injectable vitamins. Going with the needle route may seem unnecessary to some people, but as more and more “reputable” brands that provide oral vitamins are tested, more and more are revealed to be deceiving consumers. There is a severe lack of regulation where oral vitamins and supplements are concerned. The burden of discovering exactly which brands can be trusted is simply too much for the average person, but the need for vitamins is essential.

Make the Right Choice

Injectable Vitamins Are Bioavailable

The ability for a compound to be used by a body is called “bioavailability.” You can think of it as how readily absorbed a vitamin is into the body. Because oral supplements must be broken down in your digestive tract before they can begin to be absorbed, they are much less bioavailable than injectable vitamins. On top of this, many companies have been caught using cheap fillers to bulk up their vitamin pills, gummies, and capsules. These cheap fillers are not just a rip-off; they can make the good parts of the vitamin even less bioavailable.

Even if you manage to find a high-quality oral vitamin, it still has to be processed through your digestive system before it ever begins nourishing your bloodstream. You will almost certainly absorb less than 100% of the needed supplementation. However, when you choose injectable vitamins, you ensure a 100% absorption rate of the needed ingredients. That way, you can target your body’s exact needs without having to guess how much was lost in your digestive process.

In addition, with an injection, you don’t have to wait. If you need vitamins now, you receive them as soon as they are injected. You do not have to wait for your guts to process the vitamins into a usable form.

Skip the First-Pass Metabolism

Not only does the digestive process that accompanies the oral route take longer, it actually has to process much of the needed vitamins out of the pill or capsule before it ever gets circulating. This process is called “first-pass metabolism,” and while it is necessary to turn something that you ate into something that courses through your veins, it is fairly inefficient. There is almost no way to get all of the vitamins you put in your mouth into your blood.

However, if you use injectable vitamins, you will find that this nutrition bypasses the effects of first-pass metabolism. These injections target the tissues that need the vitamins and do not degrade them along the way.

Faster Onset of Action

There is a reason that nutritionists often recommend injection as a way to correct dietary deficiencies. The injection goes to work immediately. This is especially useful for situations where one’s nutrition has gotten severely out of hand.

Dose Less Frequently

If you’ve been taking oral supplements, you know just how often you are supposed to take them. This is due in part to the fact that they absorb so poorly. But another factor is that supplement companies only profit if they can continue to sell you a product. Even if the oral route were able to give you 100% of what it claimed, companies would be unlikely to market such a product. An ineffective pill that you have to take daily is a much bigger moneymaker for the company than a one-and-done type of supplement.

When you choose the injectable route, your vitamins are so well absorbed that you will not have to be back to the injection center very frequently. Increasingly, people want to get an injection a handful of times a year rather than swallow handfuls of pills a day. Some injectable vitamin treatments do not even have to be repeated within the span of a year.

Higher Quality and Better Regulation

Unlike oral supplements, vitamins that are injected have to meet the strictest verification requirements by the United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary (USP-NF). These criteria are much higher than those that your average oral vitamin is subjected to. This regulation gives consumers greater peace of mind when it comes to what they are putting into their bodies.

Reputable treatment centers like Androgenix perform micro-nutrient testing to determine where exactly their patients are deficient. Nearly everyone who relies simply on the oral route for vitamins is found lacking in one essential vitamin or another. This is increasingly essential in a world where at least a quarter of all oral supplements that have been tested show signs of being contaminated, inefficient, or mislabeled entirely.

Are You a Good Candidate for Injectable Vitamins?

A professional at a health and wellness center will be able to tell you exactly what vitamins you are deficient in and what sort of injection would be best to make you feel your absolute best. Due to increasingly poor societal nutrition, many people are great candidates for injectable vitamins. We recommend a consultation to see if injectable vitamins are right for you, particularly if you fall into the following categories:

You Have a Vitamin-Related Disease

Many complications arise from lack of proper vitamins. There are several ills that can be greatly mitigated or even eliminated by receiving the proper amount of vitamins. Many people who turn to injecting their vitamins have done so because they could not orally supplement enough of their needed vitamin to turn their health issues around. If you have a persistent illness that you believe can be treated by vitamins, it is certainly worth discussing with your health professional.

You Are Feeling Unnaturally Tired

Many of the people who end up receiving injectable vitamins do so because they are finding themselves more and more tired. B12 injections, in particular, have been shown to provide great success in perking people up and renewing their lease on life. Some of the testimonials for vitamins make them seem like the fountain of youth. This may be hyperbole, but there is no denying that a nutritionally sound body is an energetic one.

Oral Supplementation Has Not Been Working for You

Some people simply cannot get the boost in health from oral vitamins fast enough. You can spend hours adjusting your dose, searching for a reputable company, and choking down handfuls of pills with a big glass of water. Or you can embrace the future and let injectable vitamins work their wonders.

Get a New Lease on Life

If you want to feel your best or overcome a vitamin deficiency or fight an illness, schedule a consultation with Androgenix Solutions in North Palm Beach, Florida today!

*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.