Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Signs You May Be a Candidate

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is exactly what it seems: a way to replace testosterone. Many men report increased sex drives and energy levels after undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, and some even reported better moods in general. However, having a low testosterone level does not mean you need treatment: only men that have symptoms caused by their low testosterone levels and have tests confirming this should consider this replacement therapy.

What are the Signs?

All men experience a decrease of testosterone as they age, and treating testosterone loss due to age is not an option, but certain conditions will exaggerate the symptoms or make them come much earlier. A low libido or erectile dysfunction are signs of low testosterone levels that could be treated with replacement therapy. Extended fatigue or decreased energy levels can be a subtle sign that your testosterone levels are lower than ideal. Some other signs may include loss of muscle mass, loss of hair, depression, and irritability.

Who is a Candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

If you show signs that were mentioned above, you can have a trained member of our team run some tests. If tests come back showing that these symptoms are caused by low testosterone levels, treatment may be recommended. Treatment for natural loss of testosterone is not approved, and generally, those who have low testosterone but no symptoms will not receive any treatment.

How is Treatment Administered?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is administered in a variety of ways. A skin patch that is applied to the upper arm or torso once a day is available, as well as a gel that allows the body to absorb testosterone where the gel is applied. Injections are another method in which the testosterone is injected directly in the muscles; the testosterone is then slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. A pill has also been developed, but the other methods bypass the liver by directly putting the testosterone into the bloodstream.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy for You?

An increase of testosterone in the body affects every man differently, and makes it impossible to guarantee success or improvements. Many men experience an increase of sex drive, an increase in energy, and an increase of muscle mass. The influx of testosterone can also make many men feel better through making improvements on the daily mood. These effects can range from a huge impact to barely noticeable, as each man’s body handles the increase of testosterone differently.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a great procedure that every man that experiences some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels should consider. The benefits of replacing testosterone can improve life and help bring fun back to the men that experience the lowered testosterone levels. If you fall under any of the symptoms of low testosterone, contact Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness Center to schedule your consultation today! We are conveniently located in North Palm Beach, FL.

*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.