TRT vs. Anabolic Steroids: Which Is Safer?

Every year more men start to notice the symptoms of low testosterone or low T because testosterone levels change due to stress, lifestyle, medications, or illness.  Also, testosterone levels drop naturally due to the aging process.  Unfortunately, many men still feel uncomfortable talking about the changes they  are noticing, such as; low sex-drive, diminished energy, strength reduction and muscle loss, all of which are the most common, natural consequences of low T.  Part of this discomfort comes from the negative societal connotations attributed to testosterone use.  Hopefully, you aren’t one of those people who still associates any type of testosterone use with the negative stereotype of the guy who uses way too much anabolic steroid and subsequently suffers with “roid rage” in order to have bulging muscles, but if you are, than this blog topic is for you.  It is important to be open with yourself and your health care provider about any changes you see happening with your body, especially regarding the life-changing effects of low T.  Luckily, you have the ability to be treated with a bioidentical testosterone which is administered and regulated by a health care professional who has taken the time to complete a through medical exam and lab work.  Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, gives you the ability to positively improve your mental well-being, your emotional health, your level of sexual satisfaction, and your overall physical health.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, too many people still are confused about the huge differences between testosterone replacement therapy and anabolic steroid use.  When the majority of men start thinking about testosterone replacement, they are thinking about synthetic anabolic steroids and recalling all the bad press and dangers they have heard.  While testosterone and anabolic steroids both contain testosterone and other similar chemical compounds, they are radically different in content, dosage, purpose, and safety.

Testosterone replacement therapy, TRT, and synthetic androgen steroids are both ways to supplement testosterone levels.  Anabolic steroids were devised about one hundred years ago to treat low testosterone and to build muscle mass.  Over time, anabolic steroids evolved as a way to improve athletic performance and build muscle.   Men weren’t being tested to see if their testosterone levels were abnormally low before they started using.  “Taking steroids” generally refers to steroid use without a prescription or doctor’s supervision and is used for the sole purpose of promoting a rapid growth of muscles and body mass.  These products usually contain 10 to 100 times more testosterone per dose than a single dose you would receive with TRT.  Such a super-charged dose of testosterone taken time after time can cause  serious health problems.  Some early visible concerns are acne, an aggressive attitude, testicular shrinkage, and breast growth.  Long term effects which may not first manifest themselves physically are, a reduced sperm count; organ damage, especially to the kidneys and liver; and cardiovascular difficulties, such as high blood pressure and an enlarged heart.   Also, steroid addiction can become a serious problem because you are injecting a massive amount of a chemical substance into your body, and your body becomes used to receiving that massive bump.  Men who are using anabolic steroids usually decide their own dosages and the frequencies of those dosages.  They usually use without medical supervision, and they buy from all types of sources because they don’t have prescriptions.   Purity of the product they are using is iffy at best.  Using synthetic androgen steroids without a prescription is neither safe nor legal.

The purpose of TRT is to treat the symptoms of low testosterone. Before starting TRT, a patient will have completed thorough testing to assess testosterone levels.  Testing will be required periodically while on TRT. Unlike synthetic testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy uses a bioidentical form of testosterone that is derived from plants and is produced in a certified and regulated lab. Since bioidentical testosterone requires a prescription, TRT is administered and prescribed by a licensed trained medical professional and is part of a legal, regulated, safe treatment plan. TRT uses therapeutic doses which are medically supervised and monitored to avoid side effects.  Your doctor will work with you to find the correct dosage for your body as he or she wants to help optimize and supplement your own testosterone production to improve your total well-being while avoiding side-effects. TRT can enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle, even as you age.  Any type of medical treatment carries risks, and that is why choosing a respected hormone and testosterone replacement therapy group, like Androgenix, is so vitally important to you reaching your health goals.


How Androgenix Can Help

If you are wondering whether testosterone therapy might be right for you, talk with our staff and doctor about the risks and benefits. If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms or have any other concerns about your health, please contact our office and make an appointment with our staff and visit our office to get complete blood work and a physical examination.  You will be monitored by our team for treatment effectiveness and side effects on a regular basis. The team at Androgenix are here to support you in your journey for a better, healthier you. Our staff of caring healthcare practitioners will help diagnose and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.  Every person who enters our doors is treated as an individual deserving of care and respect.  We can help you feel and look better.  Give us a call today.





*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.