What Is Amino Acid Therapy?

Having a deficit or even an improper balance of amino acids can not only mean not getting the most out of your workouts, but it also can lead to a wide range of health problems. That’s why at Androgenix Advanced Health And Wellness Center in North Palm Beach, FL, our amino acid therapy is specially designed to give your body the materials it needs to maintain optimal health and performance.

It sometimes is said that proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. Well, if that is true, then amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, placing them front and center in terms of our bodies’ nutrient needs. That’s why amino acid therapy can be such an effective treatment for keeping you and your body running at your best.

What Is Amino Acid Therapy?

Amino acid therapy involves injecting a specialized blend of amino acids into the body to provide it a boost of the building blocks necessary not only for optimal physical functioning but for the maintenance of mental health and performance, as well. However, in order to better understand specifically how amino acid treatments can help you look and feel your best, we need to take a closer look at amino acids themselves.

What Are Amino Acids?

As discussed above, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are the building blocks of our bodies. That is why weight trainers looking to gain muscle mass load up on protein: because that protein will be used by the body to build muscles. But what does this really mean?

Chemically speaking, amino acids consist primarily of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, though different elements can be found in the so-called side chain of certain amino acids. Using mostly these basic elements, amino acids form the basic building blocks of life.

We Are All Made of Amino Acids

Behind only water, amino acids in the form of proteins are the second-largest component of tissues found in the human body. This means that we are literally made of amino acids. And, because our bodies are constantly recreating themselves with old cells dying off as new ones are created, our bodies require a steady flow of amino acids as the raw materials that keep the process going.

Amino Acids on the Brain

Amazingly, the role of amino acids in the human body does not end there. It turns out that some amino acids also are essential to the proper functioning of our brains. These amino acids aid in the transportation of neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that are essential to our brain’s ability to communicate with itself.

Amino Acids for Energy

Some amino acids ingested by the human body are put to yet another use: energy. These amino acids are digested as a healthy source of food energy, giving the body the power and endurance it needs not only to get through the day but to maintain optimal health for years to come.

What Different Kinds of Amino Acids Are There?

While researchers have identified roughly 500 different naturally occurring amino acids, only 21 are common to all life forms, and just 20 amino acids appear in the human genetic code. These 20 “standard” amino acids are used by the body either to create proteins or other biomolecules or to burn for energy. This makes them necessary for human survival.

Where Do Amino Acids Come From?

Our bodies naturally obtain the amino acids they need primarily from two sources. Either the body gets the amino acids in food, or it makes them itself.

Essential Amino Acids

Out of 21 amino acids that are common to all life forms, there are only nine that the body is incapable of producing itself, meaning that these amino acids must be supplied through the diet for the body to function at its optimum mentally and physically. Essential amino acids also are sometimes referred to as indispensable amino acids.

Essential Amino Acids in the Diet

In addition to the body being unable to produce essential amino acids on its own, there is another important reason to eat a diet containing adequate amounts of essential amino acids. Amazingly, the presence of essential amino acids in a food product actually encourages the body to utilize the other amino acids present to build proteins, whereas the absence of essential amino acids can cause the body to convert the amino acids present into fats and carbohydrates in a process known as deamination.

That essential amino acids can influence the way the body processes even other amino acids shows the remarkable chain effect that their presence (or lack thereof) has on so many areas of our health and wellbeing.

Amino Acids Produced by Our Bodies

Some amino acids, known as non-essential or dispensable, are produced naturally by our bodies, meaning we do not necessarily need to obtain them through our diets. However, as our bodies age, they naturally begin to produce less of these non-essential amino acids, meaning that we still may receive a benefit from an outside boost of these amino acids as well.

Health Impacts of Low Amino Acid Levels

With amino acids playing a central role in brain function, energy production, and in building and maintaining our very bodies themselves, lacking amino acids or even the proper balance of different amino acids can have a serious impact on our health and wellness in many different ways, mental and physical.

Mental Health Impacts

With amino acids playing a necessary role in the transportation of neurotransmitters in our brains, a shortage of certain amino acids can be detrimental to our mental health in a number of ways. These include:

  • Increased anxiety
  • Memory problems
  • Weight management issues
  • Worsening/emergence of addictive disorders
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

Too often, we rush to find the latest pharmaceutical or surgical intervention when we have a problem when frequently the problem lies in something much more basic and essential to our bodies’ needs. Amino acid therapy addresses a host of different health and wellness issues by giving the body what it lacks, not by masking over the problem with a drug.

Physical Health Impacts

Clearly, when it comes to something as fundamental as our bodies’ natural building blocks, the lack of proper amino acid levels will have serious detrimental effects on the functioning of our bodies, both in the short and long term. Some of the physical impacts include:

  • Loss of muscle mass despite exercise
  • Fatigue
  • Weakening of muscles, joints, bones, and other tissues, increasing the chance of injury
  • Potential impacts on various systems and organs


How Does Amino Acid Treatment Help?

At Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness Center in North Palm Beach, Florida, our special blend of amino acids is tailored to fully replenish your body with all of the amino acids it needs to keep functioning at its best. Our amino acid treatment is specifically optimized for brain health, giving your brain the amino acids it needs to keep your neurotransmitters flowing smoothly and your brain executing at its sharpest.

Who Can Benefit from an Amino Acid Treatment?

While amino acid treatments sometimes are associated in the media with top-level, multi-millionaire professional athletes or rich health-guru celebrities, every single body needs the appropriate amount and balance of amino acids to survive and thrive. Amino acid treatment can benefit pretty much anyone at any stage of life. Whether you’re just looking to feel more energized in your day-to-day life or you’re trying to improve on your personal-best triathlon time, an amino acid treatment could benefit you.

How Does Amino Acid Therapy Work?

At Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness Center, our amino acid therapies do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we conduct on each patient an individualized analysis to determine the body’s pre-treatment levels before developing an amino acid blend tailored to that patient’s physiology.

An Amino Acid Blend Made Just for You

Prior to receiving their amino acid treatment, our patients undergo a urinalysis test that shows the levels of particular neurotransmitters in the body. Using this information, we then create a personalized amino acid blend individually designed to give you a boost of amino acids of the kind you are lacking most.

What Can Amino Acid Therapy Do for You?

As our bodies age, they naturally produce less of the amino acids necessary for virtually all of our body’s most important functions, from building new tissues to transmitting chemical messages among our brain cells and creating energy to power the whole operation in the first place. With so many important roles, it is easy to see why a lack of certain amino acids could be so detrimental to our mental and physical wellbeing.

Look to the Natural Solution First

Unlike the compounds found in pharmaceuticals, amino acids are the natural building blocks of our bodies, accounting for a greater percentage of our bodies’ composition than everything except water. Given this information, it only makes sense that some of the most common ailments from which we suffer, like fatigue, depression, anxiety, and memory loss, could simply result from a lack of the particular amino acids necessary to perform certain functions that keep us performing and feeling our best.

Before we rush to try new pharmaceuticals or the latest unproven mystery supplement, shouldn’t we start first by simply making sure our body has everything it needs to function naturally and optimally?

Why Androgenix?

Since 2015, family-owned and operated Androgenix has been helping our friends and neighbors to achieve the best version of themselves through a variety of health-boosting treatments and regimens. Since we first opened our doors, we are proud to have helped more than 1,000 different patients to obtain their health and wellness-oriented goals by employing a variety of cutting-edge treatments like bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). We also provide services in preventative medicine as well as some concierge services.

Our Staff Makes the Difference

At Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness Center, our dedicated, passionate, and experienced staff set us apart. Never satisfied with the status quo, we are always seeking out the latest in health and wellness strategies from the top minds in our field, some of whom we have trained side-by-side with. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping our clients feel and perform their best.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Don’t be the very thing that is holding yourself back! We all demand so much of ourselves and our bodies these days. Like maintaining a vehicle, we have to remember to give our bodies what they need to keep running strong and worry-free not just today but for years to come.

The best way to find out what we can do for you is to contact us for a consultation, so contact Androgenix Advanced Health and Wellness in North Palm Beach, Florida today!

*Unless otherwise stated, individual results may vary depending on many factors not all patients “feel” or achieve the same results.